Slave devices

One device has at least one slave device. Slave devices are devices that are attached to their master (master controller), and write to pathpoints on behalf of their master controller, however, they are their own entities.

For example, the RAPID platform uses slave devices as means to configure network. Consider such a device

device_id: rapid
    slave1: rapideth0
    configuration: static ip
    slave2: rapiduart
    configuration: modbus 9600 8n1

Obtaining further info

To get the list of slave devices, use smok.client.SMOKDevice.get_device_info(). It will return you such a class:

class smok.basics.DeviceInfo(device_id: str, facets: Set[str], language: str, timezone: str, units: str, verbose_name: str, slaves: List[SlaveDeviceInfo])

A class holding device information

  • device_id – device ID of the device (str)

  • slaves – list of smokclient.basics.SlaveDeviceInfo containing info about the slave devices (tp.List[SlaveDeviceInfo])

  • facets – a set of strings, contains interfaces that access to this device is allowed for (tp.Set[str])

  • timezone – local timezone of this device, in accordance with tzdata (str)

  • language – language of this device, according to ISO639-1 (str)

  • units – either metric or imperial, units used on this device (str)

  • verbose_name – human-readable name of this device (str)

Which attribute slaves will contain a list of such classes:

class smok.basics.SlaveDeviceInfo(device_id: str, master_controller: str, responsible_service: str, configuration: str)

Information about a slave device attached to primary device

  • device_id – slave device ID (str)

  • master_controller – ID of master device (str)

  • responsible_service – service responsible for this device, mostly “rapid” (str)

  • configuration – a string containing configuration for this device (str)

to_json() dict

Return a JSON-able representation of this object

Interfacing with slave devices

You can get your interface to slave devices via smok.client.SMOKDevice.get_slaves(). This will return you a list of this class: