Welcome to SMOK Client’s documentation!

SMOK devices are devices that consist of a bunch of pathpoints (ie. named variables, eg. a single MODBUS register) that can be queried and written to by SMOK.

What smok-client does for you is:

  • Automate pathpoint management

  • Download Binary Any-size OBjects

  • Client-side archiving and macro execution

  • Ability to create events locally and later sync them with server.

  • Cache and alter plain metadata

  • Execute orders

  • Access the values of particular sensors


set metadata is not supported right now

Generally smok-client is fully prepared to work offline, but in order for it to work to the best of it’s capability, you might need to implement some extras, although the solutions bundled with SMOK Client might suffice if you don’t need very high performance.

Note that if you want your logs, data and orders to be synced over TLS, you can additionally install the NGTT package.

Doing so will drastically reduce your data usage, as NGTT streams orders directly to the device, skipping the need of the device to poll the API.

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